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Cost of Doing a Masters Degree Course in Kenya


The cost of doing a masters degree course in Kenya depends on the university one enrolls and the type of course one pursues. Some of the most expensive courses are those in engineering and health. The cost range between Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 800,000.

Nairobi University,Strathmore,USIU ,Kabarak,CUEA and Daystar are among the most expensive universities in Kenya while universities in Western Kenya are ranked among the cheapest to pursue a Master’s course from.

A master’s degree course takes approximately two years to complete. Coursework consumes the first year while doing a proposal and the project is covered in the second year.

Based on fees structures for various universities, here is what you’ll pay for two years in masters.

Masters in Business Administration—Ksh 400,000

  1. Executive MBA—Ksh700,000
  2. Master’s in Economics—Ksh 400,000
  3. Master’s in Education—Ksh350,000
  4. Master’s in Nursing—Ksh 500,000
  5. Master’s in Sociology—Ksh350,000
  6. Master’s in Finance—Ksh 550,000
  7. Master’s in Law—Ksh 650,000
  8. Master’s in tourism and Hospitality Management—Ksh400,000
  9. Masters in Accounting—Ksh 450,000
  10. Master’s in Agriculture—Ksh350,000
  11. Master’s in Computer Science—Ksh600,000
  12. Master’s in Architecture—Ksh700,000
  13. Master’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering—Ksh650,000
  14. Master’s in Medicine—Ksh800,000
  15. Master’s in Journalism—Ksh 550,000
  16. Master of Science in Human Resource Management—Ksh 450,000
  17. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship—Ksh 400,000
  18. Master of Science in Information Security (Cyber Crime)—Ksh500,000
  19. Master of Education in Special Needs Education—Ksh 500,000
  20. Master of Education in Early Childhood—Ksh500,000
  21. Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy—Ksh450,000
  22. Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation—Ksh450,000
  23. Masters in Project Management—Ksh500,000
  24. Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology—Ksh 400,000

The cost above includes tuition and miscellaneous expenses. Regardless of which university you join, the cost will not vary much from the figures listed above.



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