How to Become Jumia Agent in Kenya


Jumia allows you to become their agent and sell the products they provide at a commission. The online store runs a program dubbed as J-Force where you pick items from Jumia and sell them as an agent.

How to become an agent of Jumia

Jumia does not require any capital in order to become an agent. The first step is to register by following this link

After registering, Jumia will accept you into their program.

The program is suitable for people who run other businesses. All that is needed is to look for clients, make an order and once the products are sold, you’ll earn a commission. This is a good program for Kenyans who like to shop from Jumia.Even as you create your own account which you use to order items, you can also join J-Force such that whenever you make an order, you’ll also earn a commission,

On your shop, you can display the items that are available on Jumia.If someone makes an order, go ahead and make that order from Jumia.Once the product is delivered, sell it to your customer.

You can also become an agent if you own a website. Jumia has a successful affiliate program which enables agents and bloggers to make money online. The affiliate program is open to anyone as long as they run successful social media accounts or blogs. To register for the program, follow this link

You will make more than Ksh100,000 from the affiliate program if you are a serious marketer. Some of the items yield commission of up to 20% per sale. For instance, if you sell a phone worth Ksh100,000 and you earn a commission of 5%, it means the amount you’ll take home from one sale is Ksh5,000.

This is passive income every Kenyan should explore.

To be accepted by Jumia affiliate program, you don’t have to own a website. You can sign up with a Facebook page.