How to Make a Man Get Interested in You Even When You’re Ugly


Even if you’re ugly, there is a way you can behave that will make a man get interested in you. Men, especially the rich ones are choosy and have no time for women. To ensure that they get interested in you and eventually marry you, do the following:

  • Befriend his sisters and close relatives

If the man is not accessible, the first step to take is to befriend his sisters and close relatives. The man will develop trust in you after realizing that his close family members are your good friends. Occasionally, you’ll meet and start interacting with him. The more you interact, the more he will develop interest in you.

  • Work for him

Even if you’re working for another institution, you can request to work for the man even as an intern. If he accepts to offer you the opportunity, you’ll be closer to him– thus in a position to make him get interested in you.

  • Dress decently

Don’t dress to provoke but in a manner that will make him lose his mind while looking at you. Ensure he notices you whenever you are at your best. You will be surprised when he will eventually approach you.

You can even greet her occasionally and continue with your business.

  • Hang around the joints he frequents

The simplest way to attract the attention of a man is to be where he spends most of his free time. Investigate first all the joins he frequents, then start visiting the joints. I am sure there is a day you’ll find him bored and would need your company.

  • Get good education

Rich and successful men get attracted to intelligent women. When you get a good education, a master’s degree, you are likely interact with many successful men. At this stage, you’ll get a couple of men getting attracted with you.

Even if you are ugly, education will take you places.

  • Be submissive and respective to the men you interact with

Men prefer submissive women. There is nothing that irritates a man like a woman who is trying to compete with him. Even when you know that you’re right, don’t make a man feel that they know nothing.

With this quality, any man will get attracted to you.