Sony TV 32 Inch Price At Jumia Kenya


Jumia sells two types of Sony 32-inch TV, the digital and smart Televisions. The price of television varies depending on whether you buy digital or smart TV. Smart TV costs Ksh22,000 to Ksh27,000 at Jumia while the 32-inch digital TV costs Ksh17,000 to Ksh21,000.

You will get the lowest prices during Black Friday when a one-month promotion is being run by the company. Though prices of electronics reduce over time, Sony Televisions don’t experience large variations in prices over time.

Most Kenyans prefer Smart televisions because they can be connected with the internet. This makes it possible for one to swatch YouTube videos and movies from other sources. Smart TV also has the best quality of pictures.

Sony digital TV is a good one but does not have internet connectivity option. This is the only difference between the smart TV and digital TV.

To purchase Sony 32 inch TV from Jumia,follow this link

There is no television brand that comes close to Sony TV.The 32 inch is the most popular size in Kenya.

You can also check the prices of other Sony TVs on Jumia website,visit the website via this link

Never make a mistake of buying analogue TV—I even doubt they exist nowadays.