Why Daily Post Kenya Blog Was Deleted


Daily Post Kenya has been closed, becoming the second popular blog to be closed in Kenya in a span of six months, the other blog is Hivisasa. Obare, the owner of Daily Post decided to close the site after a series of disappointments.

Trouble started in 2019 when AdSense banned the blog from its platform. Daily Post was earning over Ksh400,000 by that time.Obare was traumatized and forced to seek alternative ways of generating income, but none of them matched AdSense.

This year,2020, Facebook blocked his blog, thus hitting the last nail on the coffin of the blog. Obare was extremely disappointed. After losing revenue and social media traffic, he was left with no other option but to start another blog to replace Kenyan Post. But as a seasoned blogger, we didn’t expect him to delete a blog with high domain authority.

In March 2020, the blogger created post.co.ke and businesspost.co.ke.The two blogs are actively being updated  and their content shared on The Kenyan Daily Post Facebook page.However,the fire that Daily Post generated isn’t felt. He is struggling to promote them but it seems his audience has moved on.

With no significant income and lack of enough traffic, Roiba is seeing red. It’s only a matter of time before he completely quit blogging.

We always advise bloggers to have plan B,in case the first one disappoints you, one can have escape route. We had even posted an article before about why bloggers should own more than one blog.If Obare was operating two blogs, he couldn’t have found himself in such a terrible state.