Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa


In the cities and towns of Africa, Nairobi included, multiple sexual relationships are common. In fact some coded word have been used to refer to such secret sexual partners. Some are called side chick, sugar daddy, sponsor, or escort. Whatever the name may be, all this point to one thing that people are increasingly exposed to sexually related diseases.

A simple study  in the  highly populated cities such as Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, you name it… you are likely to realize just how intricated the network of sexual relationship is. Epidemiologically, this trend increases the vulnerability of the people in this sex network to chain infection from sexually transmitted infections.

These sexually transmitted infections include gonorrhoea, syphilis, chancroid, genital herpes, chlamydia and human papilloma virus all which have serious effects on one’s sexual  as well as physical health. At the society, and international level, a lot of attention is focused on HIV/AIDs as the most severe sex related infection due to the fact that it has a global effect. With this reality, it remains an individual responsibility to keep awareness about the rest of the STIs and protect yourself and those with whom you have sexual relationship from contracting them.

Is Age a Factor Determining The Chances of Contracting STIs/STDs

Most studies show that people who are sexually active are disproportionately at high risk of contracting STDs. This means that as long as you engage in unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex then you are at risk of getting infected. Again, getting into a close skin contact with infected areas, engage in commercial sex work, or intercourse with multiple sex partners increases your chances of getting infected with STDs.

When infected with an STI, there is a likelihood that you will feel uneasy, stigmatized and ostracised which is unfortunate. This is the reason why taking extra care with your sexual health will not only save you the distress of bearing an STI but will also serve to make you sensual life enjoyable.

Actually, out of desperation and false beliefs, people infected with STIs will try to revenge or have sex with younger children thinking that this will reduce the pain from it. This is especially the case in remote parts of Africa where information access and public health services are inaccessible. Too change this largely grim reality and protect you from wilfully exposing yourself to the diseases, it is important to regularly, consistently and correctly use self-testing kits for the different STIs.

Benefits of using Self Testing Kits for STIs

One of the reasons people get reluctant to seek medical services wen suffering from STIs is the thinking that they will be mistreated and judged by caregivers. So self-testing kits for various STI’s saves you the troubles that come after you contract the infection.

Again, it makes you proactive in your sexual life and prevents possible complications on your fertility that may arise from such STDs. Furthermore, you can use the test kits at the comfort of your bedroom with your sex partner so that both are sure of not infecting each other.