Ward Administrator Salary in Kenya


Ward Administrators work within the Kenyan counties. According to SRC, Ward Administrators earn between Ksh 120,000 and Ksh 150,000 per month. Apart from this pay, they are also entitled to local travel allowances of roughly Ksh20,000 per month.

Ward Administrators perform the following duties:

  • the development of policies and plans;
  • service delivery;
  • developmental activities to empower the community;
  • the provision and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities of public services;
  • the county public service;
  • exercise any functions and powers delegated by the County Public Service Board (under section 86 of the County Governments Act); and
  • coordination and facilitation of citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services.

The salary of Ward Administrators is determined by Salaries and Renumeration Commission. It doesn’t change as often as the MCA salaries.