Here are Trending Photos of Mike Oliver Who Has Chewed over 1,000 Kenyan Women for One Year


Mike Oliver is the trending name in Kenya today. The white man has chewed over 1,000 Kenyan women in a span of one year and after getting satisfied, he decided to lay bare the secret. This week, the ruthless womanizer released over 500 photos of different women he has slept with. Some of the women in the list are married.

If you have a girlfriend, make sure you go through the list to determine whether she is one of them. In case you find her photo, rush to VCT to confirm your status.

Mike Oliver is a short man, but he is a baptized sharp shooter, even the women confess publicly. The moment he chewed the first Kenyan woman, others came running and falling over themselves.

Here is a collection of photos of the women he has slept with: