Photos of Guardian Angel’s 50 Years Old Wife Esther Musila


Gospel Musician Guardian Angel has decided to risk all by marrying a 50-year-old Esther Musila.The musician, who isn’t bothered with noise from Kenyans is determined to make the lady his wife by the end of this year,2020.He won’t allow any man to get near her.

The musician has dated Esther for 3 years and discovered that she is sweet, motherly and caring. Guardian will no longer be a Guardian but a husband. Esther will not only show motherly love but prove that she will be a great wife. The two deeply love each other and will be proud to be couple.

Esther is a single mother of two children and at 50 she looks younger than a 30-year-old average Kenyan lady. Below are the photos of the petite woman: