Bluehost Web Hosting Renewal Prices


The prices of renewing your hosting package at Bluehost are different from the registration prices.But if you wish to register a domain name and buy hosting plans,follow this link to visit Bluehost

To renew your hosting plan, you’ll spend the following amount:

Shared Hosting

TermBasicPlusChoice PlusPro
Monthly Price$10.99$16.99$20.99$32.99
6 Month$10.99$16.99$20.99$32.99
1 Year$9.99$13.99$18.99$28.99
2 Year$9.49$12.99$17.99$27.99
3 Year$8.99$11.99$16.99$26.99
5 Year$8.99$11.99$16.99NA

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Monthly Price$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99

Dedicated Server Hosting

Monthly Price$149.99$199.99$249.99
3 Month Term$144.99$189.99$239.99
6 Month Term$134.99$179.99$224.99
12 Month Term$124.99$169.99$209.99

To renew,click here to visit the company’s website