How to win a Kamba lady in one day


Kamba women are the easiest women to win in Kenya. You can get one today, talk to her and within the same day, sleep with her. They are hot in bed, sweet and ever ready for sex.

To win a Kamba lady within a day, here is what to do:

  • Show them money

When you have alot of money as a man, almost every lady will accept your advances. A Kamba lady only needs Ksh1, 000 to Ksh10, 000 to submit to you.

If a woman realizes that you have money, she will automatically accepts you—Kamba women among them.

  • Praise yourself that you are good in bed

Kamba ladies love men who are good in bed. If you keep praising yourself that you’re good in bed, she will be tempted to sleep with you.

As a man, there are two weapons you can use to defeat a woman: bedroom prowess and money. Women don’t care much about looks when someone has money and is good in bed.

  • Buy her good food and clothes

There is nothing that excites a Kamba lady like food and clothes, especially clothes with green, red ,orange and red colours.Take her to a supermarket, buy her nice clothes and food, then start telling her how beautiful she is.That day, I swear you will sleep with her.

  • Take her for a party away from her home.

Organize a party away from home, in another town and ensure the party ends at night. Make sure she eats well and drinks a lot alcohol. She will do anything you tell her.

  • Cheat her that you are looking for a wife and that you’ve found one in her

One problem modern women face is to get a husband—there is scarcity of husbands. If you mention to a Kamba woman that you are ready to settle down and that you have identified her as a potential wife, she’ll accept you that day.