Kitui Landlord Locks Door with Snake after Tenant Refused to pay Rent(Photo)


There was drama in Kitui when a famous landlord locked a door for one of his tenants with snake. The tenant had stayed for 3 months without paying—all along he has been saying,”kuna deal nangoja,ikiivana hivi nitalipa”.The landlord became impatient and decided to do the unthinkable.

Today in the afternoon, the tenant was in high spirits, he was carrying two eggs,onion,tomato and milk to cook lunch only to find a green mamba at his door—the landlord was nowhere to be seen.

With lots of fear and trauma,Mutiso(the tenant) screamed for help, villages arrived in thousands ,they were equally shocked.Elders begged him to pay the full amount to avoid curses.

The tenant was forced to pay the rent arrears and warned against repeating the same mistake.But he couldn’t sleep in that house—he moved out immediately.