The time when odds are high on betting sites—this is the best time to bet


Many gamblers don’t know that the best time to bet is from 12 am to 9 am everyday. The odds are high for games because many people are not betting at this time. From 10 am until midnight, odds reduce drastically because traffic on betting sites is high.

If you want to stake low and win more, bet during early morning hours and avoid betting from midday. The worst time to bet is from 5pm until Midnight because this is the time most people are free—they’re not working.

Try one day to monitor odds for a particular came. At 8 am you’ll realize the odds are 1.71, after 2 hours, the odds will drop to 1.50.If you check at 4 pm, you’ll be shocked that the odds have dropped to 1.30.

But as you place your bets, ensure that you choose the betting company you’ll be dealing with wisely.I recommend 1XBET or 22Bet because they have the best odds.

To register for 22Bet,click on this link

To register for 1XBET ,click on this link

Make sure you place your bets before 9 am everyday when the odds are high.

If you don’t have enough stake and the odds have dropped significantly, combine the games to form what we call multibets.This way, you’ll be able to earn decent money. For those who want sure multibets from us, subscribe by paying Ksh 1,000 per month to the MPESA Till number 705909.We will be sending the tips daily via SMS