Photos of a House Betty Maina Built for Her Parents


Betty Maina is the girl who has shocked Kenyans after building a magnificent house for her parents. While other ladies were busy drinking alcohol like their fathers, Betty was busy looking for a design to build a house for her parents.

Betty is the Director of Athi Water Works Development Agency where she earns more than Ksh800,000 per month.Her parents have been living in a dilapidated house until she decided enough is enough.

This house you are seeing here cost Ksh 15 million,it was built in a record 6 months.

Confirming that indeed it’s her who built the house,Betty wrote on Facebook:

“GoodMorning and trust you are well.  I have seen Photos trending of a house that I set up for my Parents.  Yes by the Grace and the favour of God, we did it, We are humbled,  I totally cried that day seeing what God has done for my Parents and getting a privilege to honour them when they are alive.

If I have to honour my parents,  I can only honour them in the very best way. We have struggled together.  My parents are the managers and supervisors of my farm projects at home. They get too tired trying to take care of my projects so that I can comfortably raise my children.  I had an option of investing in a big car, plot or land ,but I didn’t.

1) Thanks alot to all those who have sent congratulatory messages.  In deed I am humbled,  I have no limits for my Parents , I live in a rented facility and yes my priority was to honour my parents.

2) For the haters and those talking negative things,learn and discover my journey.  Hon Sabina Wanjiru Wa Chege  gave me loans that she deducted from my salary when I was an employee.  I started  quail farming that failed, I started buying clothes in Uganda and selling to my friends and I bought my first greenhouse when I was barely 24 years. I have invested heavily on my community and the Less advantaged and Surely,  God is not mean not to repay.

I will tell you, if the old house for my Parents had been posted online,  Haters would have castigated Me and said how much I have neglected my parents.. I have no limits for my Dad and mum. All my friends will tell you that I fondly talk of my parents and I visit them in the village weekly. Go seek for blessings from your parents before hating. I fulfilled Ephesians 6: 2.

3) Today we are not discussing a child who has murdered her parents because of land issues or family disputes, We are discussing whatever the bible commands us to do.

My occasion was graced by my church Bishop,  he passionately talked about how I selflessly give to the work of God”

During the opening of the house,more than 50 politicians attended,who included Peter Kenneth,Wavinya Deti, Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation PS Mr. Joseph Irungu, Energy PS Gordon Kihalangwa, Muranga Woman Representative Hon. Sabina Chege among other dignitaries.

Below are the photos of the house: