Shocking!!How a Pregnant Woman Hijacked and Stole from Me After Giving Her Lift with my Car from Nakuru


Kindly warn your followers, huku nje its Nairobi half life.

I was on my way to Nairobi jana from Nyahururu but had to pass Nakuru to pick a parcel.

My journey started on Friday from Nairobi where I hired a Prado TX to attend a function. Jana I left Nyahururu for Nakuru to pick an item from a relative who wanted me to drop it to his family in kanairo.

I left Nakuru around 4pm. On reaching a petrol station at a place called Barnabas near Hotel Wagon Wheel, I stopped to check pressure and top up fuel. I walked out to get something hot from a cafeteria as it was cold. As I walked back to the car, a young couple approached me for a lift to Nairobi. The lady was visibly pregnant. They looked to be in their mid twenties. Things I’ve heard before ran in my mind ad I spoke to them, my eye was on that pregnancy to ensure it was real. Yes it was.

They seemed like harmless lovebirds and I ushered them to the back seat. The front seat had the parcel.

We drove to Nairobi and this was the best company I’ve travelled with in a long time. they were very chatty and the man was very good with sports. We talked of soccer and we talked about everything from the terrorist escapees to our taxes.

The lady Kept chipping in once in a while. I asked them how long they were together, etc. They had dated for 2 years and this was their first pregnancy, it was 6 months old.

I gave them parental mentorship and we talked alot. The guy said he worked for an agrochemical company at industrial area and the lady was studying to be a nurse.

At some point she slept and we chatted with the man until he also started dozing off. I was driving slowly below 90Kph listening to Christopher Mwahangila’s songs.

On reaching Kinungi, it stated becoming dark due to weather and dusk checking in. I slowed down a little following a truck approaching bumps when suddenly I had a tap on my head.

The man, Seated right behind me, in a commanding voice, made me feel the cold barrel of a pistol and asked me not to look behind. He told me to drive at speed 75kph and not an inch more for 3kms.

The woman , from the driver’s mirror, was already bending backwards to see what i had carried at the rear. She then shouted at me to tell her what was in the suitcase behind, and that I shouldn’t mess with a pregnant woman.

I told her I had clothes, an extra phone and 3500 in a side pocket.

I continued to drive as instructed and at the 3KM mark, the man told me to indicate to the left and turn ahead.

The woman then told me, I was to call my loved ones and ask them to wire me 500k within 6 hours or I die. I tried asking how that was supposed to work but the man hit my head and told me to drive on.

He tthen told the lady that they should only give me instructions ‘tukifika kwa Deno’.

I was ordered to drive and follow the narrow road. My phone rang, and the lady leaned over to take it and placed it on silent.

As we snaked in the badly potholed road, the road started becoming busy with matatus and bodabodas. After quick thinking, I decided to ’cause an accident ‘.

I rammed into a probox ahead of me and ensured I broke his tail light.

The woman let out a loud insult while the man ordered me to get out to handle it.The lady advised him to accompany to pay off the probox. The man thug was willing to pay the damages. As I walked out, bodabodas and matatus were milling around saying things like, hawa watu wa maprado wanaringa sana.

The more the crowd grew, I knew it was my turn to run.

Kumbe that’s what the thugs also thought. I heard the lady tell the guy, babe come nikuambie kitu, and they disappeared into the darkness. I alerted the bodabodas and told the probox guy that I hit him to save my life. Everyone was so confused because they thought I was lying to them to escaoe the accident accountability, and they still insisted I sort the mess. A traffic cop came and I narrated the tale to him.

Surprisingly, kumbe it was the third similar incident. He said its a gang operating from thika but they’ve spread out.

We went to book the incident, we sorted out the probox guy and now,though nilirudisha prado ya wenyewe na dent, atleast I saved my life.

Never giving strangers a lift ever again.”