Estates where the rich live in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Eldoret


The rich in Kenya seek more outdoor and private places to reside. Kenya’s capital cities and towns house expensive and attractive sites that are scare populated. This makes estates in Kenya one of the best places to stay with luxurious estates, improved road networks, innovation, and significant commercial markers. There exist estates in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu that are attractive to the residents and the foreigners.


Nyali estate

Nyali estate ranks among the top places where the rich reside in Mombasa. An increased cost of living characterizes the area; for instance, the prices for goods and services are high compared to other estates. The price for selling a three-bedroom house in Nyali ranges from Ksh 27 million to Ksh. 32 million. The flats and houses in the area are modernized, attracting foreigners who pay a high amount of rent. They consist of tarmacked roads and are near the CBD, which is attractive to the residents working in Mombasa town. There are numerous Police officers in the estate, making it a safe area.

Tudor 4 estate

This is one of the estates that attracts business people and politicians. The estate’s location from Mombasa CBD is 0.7 miles, and the majority of the houses are well furnished 3 bedrooms. Tudor 4 is regarded as one of the most secured places in Mombasa. The estate consists of steeply pitched gable roofs that are modernized to attract local residents and foreigners. Rent in Tudor estate starts from Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh. 50,000. The price of purchasing a three-bedroom bungalow in the estate ranges from Ksh. 11 million to Ksh. 75 million.

Kizingo estate

Kizingo estate attracts Kenyans who display an expensive lifestyle and business persons. The estate’s location is near the Mombasa statehouse, which is an indication that the place is secured. The estate is in the middle of large private hospitals, Mombasa Law Courts, and Mombasa golf course. Also, there are many high-rise buildings in the estate with the scene of Mama Ngina Drive. Prominent individuals like the governor of Mombasa, Hassan Joho, reside in the Kizingo estate. A three-bedroom apartment goes for Ksh. 30 million. Renting a two-bedroom house starts from Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh.40,000.


Karen estate

Karen estate is regarded as the most expensive area in Nairobi City. The estate is named after Karen Blixen, who practiced coffee farming in the forest areas. The place houses foreign expatriates, politicians, and high-end business leaders. For instance, the Deputy President of Kenya resides in the estate. The estate constitutes the best tourist attraction sites, such as the Karen Blixen Museum. The services provided in the estate include Kazuri Bead Factory, Giraffe Centre, Polka Dot Art Gallery, and Karen Country Club. Karen ranks among the safest places to reside in Kenya due to government and private security. The area has a calm, serene environment and numerous bird species adjacent to the Ngong forest. There are multiple places to shop while in the estate, including Karen Shopping Center, the Waterfront, and the Hub. The price for renting a house in the estate goes for Ksh. 350,000. Also, the price for purchasing a bungalow in the estate is approximately Ksh. 200 million.

Runda estate

The estate in Nairobi is abbreviated from Reserved United Nations Development Area. This is one of the poshest places where rich business people and politicians reside. The estate is expensive since it offers well=road and water networks, a serene environment, and security services. The area is located 14 kilometers from the CBD, and it consists of a cool freshness with numerous coffee plantations. The services provided in the estate include shopping malls, restaurants, and well-furnished houses. Runda estate consists of the Two Rivers, the Lord Erroll, and the Village Market, which are attractive. Renting a three-bedroom home in Runda estate goes for approximately Ksh. 250,000 The price of purchasing a three-bedroom mansion in Runda estate goes for Ksh. 150 million. Besides, taking meals from restaurants is priced from Ksh 1,000 and above. The residents in Runda like to keep a low profile on the type of businesses they conduct, ensuring that the area is more secure. Therefore, it is challenging to determine individuals residing in the estate. A two-bedroom house in Runda estate goes for Ksh. 60,000.

Muthaiga Estate

Muthaiga estate provides residents with an 8-minute drive to the CBD. This makes it attractive for persons working in the CBD. The estate is easily accessible from Muthaiga, Murang’a, and Limuru road. The estate used to host the third president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki. The area constitutes a serene neighborhood that depicts the modern standard of living. The vegetation in the area is evergreen with modern packing. There are few commercial houses, and most of the homes are residential. Renting a three-bedroom house in the area goes for Ksh. 350,000. For the individuals seeking to purchase a bungalow in the estate, prices range from Ksh. 30 million to Ksh. 100 million. The majority of the individuals residing in the estate are businessmen, politicians, and ex-pats. The estate offers residents recreational facilities and hiking sites such as the Karura forest, Muthaiga Golf Club, Windsor Golf Club, and the Muthaiga Shopping Center.

Gigiri estate

The estate is posh and rising in Nairobi County. The fame gained by the Gigiri estate is attributed to stable security. There exist numerous offices in the area, for instance, the American Embassy making it an excellent residential location. In addition, the state provides self-treatment services such as China Gardens, Tribe hotel, and Serenity spa grill. The price of a 5-bedroom house is Ksh. 150 million while renting a house range from Ksh. 200,000 to Ksh. 450,000.

Kilimani estate

The estate is fast growing as both a residential and commercial site. Kilimani estate consists of the Microsoft headquarters, Sidian Bank Headquarter, and the Statehouse, making it more secure. Also, the estate consists of the best international school, B Club place, Yaya Centre, and Nairobi Arboretum. Renting an apartment in the estate costs Ksh. 130,000. The price of acre land goes for Ksh. 390 million.

Lavington estate

The estate consists of elegant mansionettes and cozy houses, making it one of the most expensive areas in Nairobi. However, the Lavington estate consists of quality life, excellent security, and a city center. The price of an acre in the estate is Ksh. 320 million, and renting a house goes for Ksh. 150,000.


A number of tycoons live in Kitisuru estate where rent ranges between Ksh 100,000 and Ksh350,000 per month.Anne Waiguru is one of the top politicians living in this estate.


Another estate for the rich is Nyari which is located Nairobi.Rent here is not for the common man as it ranges between Ksh 120,000 and Ksh 400,000.A number of UN employees live in this Estate.


Though Kileleshwa is slowly losing its glory,it still remains one of the estates where the rich live.But nowadays you can rent a house for Ksh40,000 per month in this estate.In future,Kileleshwa will be like Buruburu.


Milimani estate

The estate houses the wealthiest personalities in the county. The topography and the estate’s location attract super-rich people near the town’s CBD. Individuals residing in the area get to see beautiful flamingoes in Lake Nakuru. The estate residents get to enjoy the road services, which are tarmacked—buying an acre in Milimani estate averages at Ksh. 30 million while a mansion is sold at around Ksh. 60 million. The majority of the Nakuru residents characterized the estate as Karen in Nairobi, enjoying a calm environment. Milimani estate attracts foreigners due to the exceptionally built houses. The place is secured since there is a scare population in the estate. Besides, products are available to the residents at a close range, for instance, Sarova Woodland Hotel, Naivas Mall, and War Memorial Hospital near the apartments. Politicians and business executives consider the estate location as ideal for their stay.

Section 58 estate

The estate ranks second in Nakuru for better road networks and luxurious buildings. Initially, the area housed Kenyan Indian Postcolonialism individuals. Currently, the estate houses both Kenyan Asians and native Kenyans. Section 58 estate has attracted numerous foreigners in the areas for more than a decade. The estate consists of several learning institutions, Naivas Mall, and a Section shopping center, offering relatively affordable products. There are few commercial houses in the estate, which enhances privacy in the estate.

White house estate

The estate name originated from a pub that portrayed an American White house. The majority of the residents are Kenyans. Foreigners also like the place as it runs in a 24-hour economy. The estate allows for the access of matatus which work till midnight. The area displays a middle-class settlement, which has encouraged an increased number of residents in the area. The estate is located near the 7D lounge, which can easily be accessible by the people.

Kabarak estate

The Kabarak estate home to the second president of Kenya, Daniel Moi, is a rich residing area. The area offers a settlement and farming area away from the CBD. The estate has experienced significant growth for the past years, which creates a positive economic impact.


Ngata and the surrounding is occupied by the who is who in the business world in Nakuru.Even some politicians live in Ngata.


Francis Kimemia and Francis Atwoli are among key figures who live in Kiamunyi.This estate is among the best to live in but the problem is that water is not sufficient.


Milimani estate

Milimani estate ranks top among the estate most desired by Kisumu residents and foreigners. It’s beautiful and quiet location near Lake Victoria makes it desirable and expensive to afford apartments and bungalows. Apart from the serene location, the estate is a haven with all the social amenities. The average monthly rent ranges from Ksh. 50,000 – Ksh. 200,000 depending on the apartments. Purchasing a bungalow of 3 bedrooms is estimated to cost Ksh. 16 million. Milimani estate is wealthy based on the numerous services received by the residents.

Mountain View Estate

The estate is favored by the rich as it constitutes a suitable location. Mountain view estate is luxurious and offers a calm atmosphere to the residents. The area is far from the CBD, which consists of numerous industries causing noise and air pollution. The residents’ access fresh air, electricity, top security, and social amenities. The estate restricts public transportation to reduce congestion. The area earns its rich name from how activities are conducted, enhancing top-notch security provisions. The buildings in the area have an impeccable design, which is why it is referred to as the rich man’s estate. The price for purchasing three-bedroom apartments goes for Ksh. 14 million.

Riat Hills estate

The estate’s location is near Riat hills. Riat Hills Estate provides tourists with a serene view, which attracts residence. Research has it that the hills are the most visited by local and international tourists. The estate offers residents scenic views, amenities, and safety services. Those residing in the estate have provided an excellent review and encouraged new tenants, land and house buyers to the area. The price of a three-bedroom in the estate goes from Ksh. 19 million to Ksh. 20 million. The estate consists of cushy recreational amenities and expensive restaurants, which are beautifully situated.

Mamboleo estate

The estate is located along Kisumu and Kamamega road, encouraging new individuals for settlement. Wealthy individuals are attracted to the estate since there is a management body that checks into residents’ demands and plea. For those having complaints, for instance, noise from neighbours, the management promptly addresses the issues. Numerous apartments are sold to people, and children get enough place to play in the pitch contracted in the estate. The payment for a three-bedroom in Mamboleo estate is approximately Ksh. 16 million.

Migosi estate

The estate is located just 10 minutes from Lake Victoria. The apartments in the estate offer luxurious services, and this attracts residents. The estate is recommendable for individuals seeking to stay, and the security is excellent. In addition, the location for Migos sub-county Referral Hospital is near, and this is an essential health service to the residents. The amount required for an individual to purchase three-bedroom apartments in the estate is Ksh. 20 million.


Upper Elgon view estate

Eldoret is regarded as a home of Champions, and the Upper Elgon View estate is known to attract rich people to settlement. The estate position is attractive as it requires a few minute drives into the CBD. In addition, the Upper Elgon View estate has a suitable location South of the Eldoret town. The majority of the houses in the estate are maisonettes and bungalows, and the area posits suitable roads. The residents in the area are renowned religious leaders, businessmen, athletes, and politicians. Chebii Kilimo, James Ole Kiyapi, vice president Willium Ruto, and Kipchoge Keino are notable individuals residing in the estate. Rent payment in the area ranges from Ksh. 20,000 – Ksh. 50,000. The sale of one acre goes for Ksh. 10 million.