Kenyan woman, Pierra Peculiar Pish,is looking for a male sperm donor to pay him Ksh80,000


A lady identified as Pierra Peculiar Pish has called upon male species to donate sperm to her.The lesbian wants to get a baby on condition that she does not sleep with the man.She is willing to part with Ksh80,000 to any man willing to donate his sperms.Pierra has told men to apply but only the handsome ones will be picked.

“I am going to give you KSh 40k kwanza ukinipa mbegu and the the remaining KSh 40k mbegu ikishika. Uwe Mkenya, Either uwe Mjaluo, Mmeru, Mmaasai ama Mkamba. Kama kwenu kuna historian ya mapacha, that’s an added advantage,” she said.

Already,men have started applying to donate the sperms.She discloses that 120 have already applied and shortlisting is ongoing.