Meet Kamaliza Verena, a 70 year old virgin who is looking for a man to marry her


While other girls were busy accepting men and giving birth,Kamaliza Verena was playing hard to get and taking advises of pastors that one has to get married before having sex.

The woman has gone 70 years without having any intimate relationships with any man,she now regrets the time lost while being a good girl.

The 70-year-old woman believes that life has been so unfair and unjust to her because she has always been a loving, caring, and faithful person.

She has been looking for a boyfriend for more than 50 years, and she sometimes thinks it’s too late. She  wants to know how it feels like to wake up in the arms of someone she cares about.

She said she is free and available to any caring and loving man who is looking for a partner..

Here are the photos.In case you are interested,contact her.She cries every day.