Why Huddah Monroe does not wear panties in public(Photo)


Socialite Huddah Monroe has confirmed that she does not wear panties in public. She revealed that over the past 10 years, she has never worn a panty while walking or sitting in public.

The reason she doesn’t wear panties is to ensure air circulate well in her body and also to feel fresh.Hudday says that her private parts do not smell bad, they smell like chocolate, hence the reason she doesn’t hide them.

Huddah also claims that those wearing panties in public have smelly private parts. They use the panties to hide the smell. She further claims that it’s dirt that is hidden in panties.

One shocking revelation by Huddah is that she even when she is on periods, she doesn’t wear panties.—we don’t know how she prevents them from flowing freely.

In many occasions, she is seen walking in miniskirts and most of her body is exposed.