Raila Odinga stoned and chased away from Marsabit


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been  stoned and chased away from Marsabit County.Raila,who was accompanied with Martha Karua was campaigning in the county when hundreds of youths stormed his meeting with stones, others carrying stones as heavy as 10kgs.

The incident caught Raila off-guard because the venue had over 2,000 people and nobody expected him to be attacked. Immediately the youths started throwing stones,Raila’s security formed a ring around him to protect him against any harm.

Martha Karua,who witnessed such an attack for the first time, hid behind Raila,she was so scared.

The incident happened for about 10 minutes as the police engaged the youths.Finally,Raila left the venue under tight security.

The attack follows one week after DP Ruto was attacked at Jacaranda Grounds Nairobi. The DP’s car was destroyed by youths who threw stones at him. He later blamed Raila for the violence.

Last year, Raila was again attacked in Eldoret by over 200 youths. It’s God who saved his life because only 2 police officers were guarding him that time. After the incident, the government increased the number of officers accompanying Raila to more than 20.

As the election date gets near,such incidents are expected.But the government will do everything to protect all presidential candidates.