Conjestina Achieng was bewitched, Retired Witchdoctor Gordon Opiyo confirms


Retired witchdoctor Gordon Opiyo who visited hell sometime back has confirmed that Conjestina Achieng was bewitched.Opiyo, who visited underworld severally knows how the world of Satan works, he narrates:

Danger of rising high without Spiritual Covering..

As majority of Kenyans boycott the billionaire owned Media Houses interviewing their imposed candidate, let’s talk about some underworld matters.

This image of former world boxing champion Conje, roaming around Siaya truly disturbed my spirit.

I felt that there is mkono ya mwanadamu (Lwet Dhano) in the whole issue..

It is something I have observed in several parts of Alego and Luo Nyanza. 

You rise, meet the high and mighty, reach the peak…. Then Boom, you come tumbling.

Rising up attracts all kinds of people. The higher you go the tougher they get.

That is why one needs to build spiritual walls as you rise. You will get more formidable enemies as you rise.

It does not matter who you are….

Your star can be stolen, and you are reduced to nothing. In Alego, if you walk Fwaa after building or buying a new car, or getting promoted or stardom like Conje.. the underworld people go to the places you  stepped, take the soil, mix it with some concoction and then Kinga you.

To me this sad case of Conje reflects what happened to a  once mighty nation. For avoidance of contraversy I give the nation an imaginary name called Nyanzabwe. I use the name just as an example and it does not reflect any nation in the world.

During the days of the Colonialists, many authors singled Nyanzabweans as having potential for being great. Due to the stoic nature, pride and extreme dexterity in all areas.

If the same authors came and found them being majority in the slums and foolishly worshiping a std 6 Dropout, they would be shocked.

There is a big disconnect between the potential and the reality.

It is clear that the Star was stolen by the family that was excommunicated from the Nabongo Kingdom. The family used diabolical means to discombobulate the normal system.

Whether one has a PhD, Masters or std 2 education.. The reasoning is the same….. They are immune to logic

They failed to build spiritual walls and the diabolical family from Mumias took advantage to Kwanyo Tielo.

They now roam around following the person who rundod them….

One lesson… Never take spiritual covering for granted. Without it you can be reduced to nothing.