3 Venezuelan arrested at JKIA while carrying IEBC Stickers


3 Venezuelan have arrested in JKIA while trying to sneak IEBC stickers to the country. The three were carrying the materials in their briefcases.

The hawk eyed police officers captured the three while being cleared to officially enter the country. The three men are in police custody and will be arraigned in court.

IEBC has issued a statement protesting the arrest. The body claims that the three men are part of the people tasked with the responsibility of supplying IEBC with the technology for conducting the elections.

Here are interesting facts about the IEBC:

Several serious questions arising from these Venezuelans who Chebukati claim are employees of Smartmatic international are:

✅The company supplying technology to IEBC for voter identification  is SMARTMATIC INTERNATIONAL. These company is only supposed to provide the KIEM’S KITS for identification of voters purposes.

✅ The company that’s printing ballots is a Greek company known as INFORM LYKOS. This is the company supposed to provide any other printed materials pertaining to the ballot papers for IEBC

The question that the three Venezuelans and Chebukati are supposed to answer are:

☑️ What are personnel from a company supposedly supplying technology kits doing with IEBC stickers which are supposed to be supplied by a d different printing firm contracted by the same IEBC?

☑️ Why were the IEBC stickers in his private bags. IEBC stickers are not supposed to be private property. You cannot carry them in your bags like you are carrying your own personal documents. The stickers are supposed to be shipped after going through thorough declaration at the port of transit.

☑️ Venezuela is a third world country known to harbor alot of [email protected] Why is Chebukati so emotional in his explosive letter on the IEBC page. Is there something that he does not want Kenyans to know? Why does he want the three Venezuelans to be released unconditionally, yet they have committed a crime? Why doesn’t he want transparency in this election?

☑️ Is it a mere coincidence that the people alerted to defend IEBC are William Ruto’s attack d0gs whenever the electoral agency is called out to be transparent in its operations?