Mutahi Ngunyi’s Predictions about 2022 Presidential Elections


Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has predicted the 2022 presidential elections. The Tyranny of Numbers specialist claims that DP Ruto will get 66% of the Mount Kenya votes. The Prof has predicted that Raila Odinga will get at least 51% of the total votes cast.

Mutahi in his analysis says that it’s impossible for Ruto to get over 80% of the votes.He further analyzed that Raila has maintained all his strongholds.

The analyst said Ruto starts with 3.8 million votes which are votes from Rift Valley while Raila’s starting point is 6.5 million votes.If you add 3 million of Mount Kenya votes to Ruto,he will get 6.8 million votes.If you add 1.5 million of Mount Kenya votes to Raila,he’ll get 8 million votes.Which makes it impossible for Ruto to defeat Raila in this election.

Mutahi Ngunyi claims that Raila will win the election in round 1 considering that this time he will get a significant number of votes from the Mountain.

In 2013 Mutahi’s predictions were 100% accurate,meaning that he is not far from the truth.