Low voter turnout in Mount Kenya region shocks Ruto


DP Ruto is not a happy man today after Mount Kenya region experienced low voter tournout.According to statistics from IEBC,less than 60% of the registered voters turned up to vote.Ruto was expecting the voter turnout to be above 90%.

Last minute efforts by UDA politicians to mobilize voters to go and vote didn’t bear fruits as most voters claimed they are safe whether Ruto or Raila becomes president—they didn’t see the need to vote.

Ruto has been up and down making calls to his allies about the situation on the ground, but the more he enquired the more he got disappointed.

The main reason Kikuyu voters didn’t turn up is because they don’t have their own on the ballot.In 2013 the turnout was over 90%.

This low voter turnout disadvantages Ruto who only had two strongholds, Mount Kenya and Rift Valley.

Raila’s Nyanza region has voter turnout of above 80%, which is impressive.