If Presidential elections are Repeated in 2022, Raila will get these votes—he should retire peacefully!


Suppose, in a truly cold day in hell, that there is a repeat election :-

1) Raila got 850,000 votes in the 10 Mt Kenya Counties. If there is anything these people hate is being forced to be away from their businesses because of politics. Expect none of them to vote for Raila again

2. Raila got close to 1 Million votes from Western Kenya Counties and another 400,000 votes from Luhyas in Nairobi. With Musalia Mudavadi set to be the Chief Secretary and Moses Wetangula set to play an equally prominent role in the Kenya Kwanza administration, Raila kisses goodbye to another 1.4 Million votes

3. Northern Kenya gave Raila half a million votes thinking he had the capacity to win the Presidency as they shun life outside government. Now that they have seen who is the better organised candidate none of them will vote for Raila

So even if the Kamba Nation gives to Raila all the 769,000 votes they gave him in exchange for Kalonzo’s National Assembly Speaker position and the Coast people gives back Raila the 600,000 votes they gave him in exchange for Raila sponsoring a Maths crash course for Cherera-Joho, the best Raila can achieve is 4 Million votes against Ruto’s 10 Million votes.