Why Ruto Can’t Touch Kenyatta Family Business Even if He Wants


If you voted for Ruto thinking that he will punish Uhuru, I got news for you: Ruto can’t disrupt Kenyatta family business even if he wants to do it.

The reason? Most Kenyatta family businesses are partly owned by foreign multi-nationals based in China and the West.

For example, there are a few American companies that are shareholders in Northland City, and Kenyattas are not the only owners.

The same can be said about Naivasha port. Ruto can’t interfere with the Naivasha port without breaching the contract with the Chinese.

Ever wondered why the SGR contract was never unveiled to the public?

And if you think Gachagua will interfere with the Nanyuki railway line that ferries oil that belongs to Vivo Energy (a British company), wake up from your slumber.

Even NCBA bank won’t be touched. Kenyatta family owns 13.2% of NCBA, and the other majority shareholders are multi-nationals based in the U.K.

If Ruto interferes with Kenyatta’s family business, he will be interfering with Chinese and Western multi-nationals that are the majority shareholders.

If you’ve read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” then you understand what I’m talking about.

Kenyatta family has very smart lawyers.

They don’t own anything 100%, and they made sure to include foreign multi-nationals that will protect their interests when they’re not in power