Why Uhuru is silent and has not congratulated Ruto


There are several reasons why Uhuru has not congratulated Ruto,he is very silent. Kenyans ,especially those in Kenya Kwanza, are wondering loudly.One of the major reasons is that President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Chairman of Azimio.By being quiet it means that he doesn’t agree with the result.Uhuru is behind the 4 IEBC commissioners and he is supporting Raila to move to Supreme Court and contest the result.

Another reason is that he didn’t want to appear that he betrayed Raila Odinga by congratulating Ruto too early.He had to remain silent in order to please Raila as he prepare to hand over power to Ruto.The two are together, you can see he has even given Ruto security which is equivalent to the security of a president.

Uhuru is also quiet because he was shocked with the result. He never expected Raila to lose in a free and fair elections. The President thought that by preventing Ruto from stealing votes,Raila would easily win—it didn’t happen.

The president thought that by Raila being the president, he will peacefully complete his projects

He is also waiting for the Supreme Court case to be concluded in order to congratulate Ruto.If he did it too early,it would mean that he has already conceded.Being Azimio member,he had to do according to the wishes of the coalition.