Rwanda woman, Liliane Mugabekazi,to be jailed for two years for dressing badly in public(Photo)


A 24-year-old woman who was arrested in Rwanda for wearing “shameful” dress faces up to two years in jail for “public indecency”, prosecutors said Thursday

Liliane Mugabekazi was arrested on August 7 after she attended a concert by popular French musician Tayc eight days earlier, wearing a sheer dress.

The case has caused public outrage on social media with many condemning the government for violating women’s rights, while others argued for ‘more decent dressing’ in public.

“She attended the concert while wearing clothes that reveal her private parts… clothes that we call shameful,” prosecutors said, accusing her of committing a “serious crime”.

“It is on these serious grounds that we ask the court to remand Mugabekazi for 30 days.”

“She is suspected to have committed public indecency,” the spokesman for the prosecution, Faustin Nkusi, told AFP, adding that the court would announce on Tuesday whether she would receive bail.

Several countries have condemned Rwanda for the action, saying that the dressing style is normal in other countries.