Why Raila will never be the president of Kenya—God has rejected him


You had the President on your side. You had the powerful Matiang’i on your side. You had the ICT Guru, who is globally recognized, Mucheru on your side, he even predicted that the IT system would give you 60% win . You had 100,000 Policemen on your side. You had the entire NIS system on your side. You had all the Planes and Choppers from KDF, on your side. You had all the Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs on your side. You had the DOs and DCs on your side.

You had the media on your side.. To praise you, and spread lies and propaganda against your opponent. You had all the corporate Bigwigs on your side. You had the 39 billionaires from Mt Kenya on your side. They poured money to your campaign like the never ending rains on Mt Elgon. You had the top Social Media influencers on your side, and they had all the cash they wanted. Whereas your opponent had social media influencers riding on Wheelbarrows and Boda Bodas, yours were hoping from plane to plane.

You had all the big names in Africa Union on your side….

Never has anyone had all support humanly possible than you…

In the other side, your opponent was thumped, bludgeoned and pummeled… His accounts were frozen. Anyone who came from his backyard and had a name like Kip or Chep was arrested and sacked from Government.

Any MP who dared go against you was arrested and harrased.

The running mate had lies thrown on him, and you froze his accounts. You bankrupted him.

It is like entering a boxing ring…. With your opponent having his hands and legs tied….

Then he defeats you……

How can you even say that you were rigged out? How dare you say that someone “stole from you?”

A broke opponent, who had to rely on goodwill from friends..

And had no option but to shed tears before God Almighty..

Because he knew he had no other hope or way…

A crushed man, who was humiliated several times by junior officers… And went back home crying and weeping……

How could he rig against all the power displayed against him..

How could he rig, yet his accounts and those of close relatives were frozen?

Can’t you see that this was intervention from God??

Can you remember the writing in Mbukinya Bus that said “God’s Case, No Appeal”?

This is one of them