It seems that Raila Odinga is losing the case at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court asked his lawyers tough questions which nobody was able to answer.

Here are the questions:

1 Lenaola J: Did the 4 dissenting Commissioners ever complain about Chebukuti’s bullies before they walked out?

2 Ouko J: What are the ingredients to be satisfied before the Court can invoke sec 80(4) of the Election Act as pleased by Azimio?

(b)What is the relevance of spoilt votes in computing the Presidential results?

3.*Njoki J: Can handwriting be capable of being changed in the form 34As*?

(b)Does the voter suppression as claimed by Azimio affect only the Presidential election?

4 Dr Wanjala J: What is the relevance of the voter turn out in the Presidential election?

(b)Why could the dissenting Commissioners protest against Chebukuti’s harassments on time?

6 Ibrahim J: Feasibility of the reliefs sought.

(b)If the election is annulled, due to Chebukuti’s malfeasance, what is probable way to guard on the possible impending lacunae in the event Chebukuti is impeached?

7 Mwilu DCJ: (Not audible though) When did the Commission become dysfunctional and what were the corrective measures attempted?

(b)In Maina Kiai’s case; When a photo is taken in its original nature and form from the polling stations; are they taken as a PDF?

(b)What should be done as a corrective measure against the rogue Chair of this dysfunctional Commission and whether to ignore the Constitutional safeguards which are already in place so far as his impeachment is concerned?

(c)If the actual winner be identified by the Court; should he be declared?

8 CJ Koome: All my questions have been asked by my fellow Judges

(b)If the Chebukuti is found culpable, what do we do should there be a repeat Elections in light of Article  251(2) CoK?

(c)Address us also on Election offences whether if this Court makes an order against Chebukuti on Election Offences, will the Supreme Court usurp powers of the subordinate courts that are supposed to deal with Election offences.

(d)At what time was the Commission rendered moribund?

10 To Kibe, how did you know that 700 thousand people did not vote?

Lenaola J: Section 6 of the IEBC ACT states that the Chair must be an advocate of the High Court with the qualification similar to a Judge; if the Court removes Chebukuti, will the Commission still be legally constituted?