Salaries of top government officials in Kenya 2022/2023


Salaries of top government officials in Kenya for the years 2022/2023 have been reviewed starting from the President, MPs, Governors, Senators and Senators. The President is the highest paid government officer in Kenya with a monthly salary of Ksh Ksh1, 443,750 followed by his deputy who earns Ksh 1,227,188.

Here are the monthly salaries earned by top government officials in Kenya:

President=Ksh 1,443,750

Deputy President=Ksh 1,227,188

Cabinet Secretary=Ksh 924,000

Attorney General=Ksh 924,000

Chief Justice=Ksh 1,100,000

Director General of NIS= Ksh 765,188

Inspector General of Police=Ksh 765,188

The Speaker of the National Assembly=Ksh 1,160,000

MCA= Ksh144, 375.

Leaders of majority and minority = Ksh 768,000

County Governor =Ksh 924,000

The salaries listed above are just basic, they make more money than what is stated in this article. For example, an MCA can make up to Ksh1 million per month from allowances and several other sources.MPs make not less than Ksh1 million per month and since they manage CDF,one can make over Ksh2 million monthly.