Disadvantage of marrying a single mother


Marrying a single mother can be a good thing, she is considered mature and responsible, but apart from that, there are many disadvantages associated with marrying a single mother.

In case you are planning to marry a single mother, please stop and read the following points:

  • You are not their first priority

Single mothers often consider their children the first priority. When you come into their life, you are considered inferior to your wife’s children. She will give her children more attention than you.

  • They are insecure

Single mothers have a lot of insecurity. Most of them have undergone body changes, they are not sure of themselves. They will always want you to complement them, tell them that they are beautiful, and give them maximum attention. Most of them aren’t sure about their bodies.

  • They start comparing you with your exes

A number of them will always compare you with their exes.You commit a small mistake, they start telling you, “you know even my ex could not do that”.They will compare how you dress, talk and act in the house. They won’t stop comparing you with her ex no matter what, even if he is dead.

  • They use their children to blackmail you

Some of them will use their children to blackmail you and seek sympathy. You do something small, she is like, “you did this because I came with children, why are you doing this to me?!”

  • They will always sleep with the biological father of the baby

A single mother is likely to sleep with the biological father of the children she came with. Very rare to find a principled woman who can avoid her ex.So when you marry her, know that you will be sharing with another man forever.

  • She can leave you anytime

Most single mothers get married because of financial challenges. In case she gets stable on the way, she will leave you.

  • You can’t love her children the way you can love your biological children

You may pretend to love the children but something will always tell you, “these are not your children”. So even if you want to spoil them with gifts and love, you know that they may turn against you one day.

  • You may regret later when the children turn to be what you didn’t expect

Since the children aren’t your blood,they have hidden traits which might eventually turn out to be a disappointment. A child can turn out to be gay,a thief or a witch doctor.He might not even be sharp is class.Those traits may bring problems to your marriage.

  • She might be hiding her true character

Single mothers hide their bad characters until they settle. They do so because they understand that if they show the character early, the man might chase them away. They can hide the character for even 10 years when they are sure that you can’t chase them away. You will regret why you married her.