9 hidden secrets of winning Betika Midweek jackpot, use these ideas


There are 9 main ways you can use in order to win Betika Midweek jackpot. Many people think that by just placing 1 bet, they stand a chance of winning, which is normally not the case. You have to put a lot of efforts.

To win Betika Midweek jackpot, you have to get at least 12 correct games. Bonuses are given from 12 games, meaning that all those getting 12, 13 and 14 correct games are awarded bonuses. If you get 15/15 correct games, you win Ksh 15,000,000.

Here are the strategies to use in order to win money from Betika:

  1. Place 7 double chances. With 7 double chances, you are 99%-100% sure of getting 12 and above correct games.
  2. Place at least 50 bets without double chances
  3. Use divide and conquer rule where you split the jackpot games into three parts and analyze each part separately, then combine the three parts later.
  4. Avoid assumptions, don’t have a fixed mind when analyzing.Sometimes,teams you don’t expect to win are the ones that win. If your heart strongly tells you to select team A, you should select team B.
  5. Analyze the jackpot the material day it’s being closed. This helps you to know the right odds.
  6. Search for free jackpot predictions online and compare with yours
  7. Form a discussion group where you compare notes weekly. Some may be having ideas which will help you come up with a winning combination
  8. Bet every week without a break in order to know the correct patterns and combinations. If you start skipping some weeks, you lose momentum.
  9. Buy accurate betting tips from a reliable prediction site

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