Trio Mio KCSE result, this is what he scored


The 2022 KCSE result is out and rapper Trio Mio has received his result. Trio Mio,who is the best youngest rapper in Kenya scored a D+ . The rapper scored E in mathematics, D- in Chemistry and D plain in Biology. Trio Mio scored B- in History.

The rapper dropped out of school in 2021 to study from home after getting money. His mother advised him to drop out of school and concentrate on music.He has been fully focusing on music.

Trio Mio did his KCSE in Nairobi and results didn’t impress him. Speaking immediately after the result, he told his friends:

“this is not what I expected”.

Trio Mio is currently among the richest youths in Kenya, he makes over Ksh500,000 per month.

The rapper has expressed his interest in furthering studies.But his grade will only take him to a middle level college for a certificate course—probably a certificate in music.