DSTV, GoTV, Zuku,Bamba,Startimes and Netflix prices and packages in Kenya 2023


We have sampled prices and packages for DSTV, GoTV, Startimes, Zuku and other decoders in Kenya for the year 2023.It’s upon you to select the decoder you feel is the most ideal for you.

  1. DSTV

It has multiple channels from all over the world, one of the best available tvs on the Kenyan market. It consists of the following packages;

Packages                     Prices

DStv Lite – Costs Ksh.650 Monthly

DStv Access – Ksh. 1150 monthly

DStv Family – 1600 monthly

DStv Compact – Ksh. 3000 monthly

DStv Compact plus- Ksh.5500 monthly

DStv Premium- Ksh.8900 monthly

  • GoTV

Following the DStv on rating is the Gotv, it consists of multiple international and local channel. It also offers the following packages;

Packages                    Prices

GOtv supa      70+          Ksh. 1599 monthly

GOtv Max      60+          Ksh.1249  monthly

GOtv Plus      45+          Ksh. 930 monthly

GOtv Value   35+          Ksh  590 monthly

GOtv Lite      20+          Ksh. 1200 annually

GOtv Lite      20+          Ksh.  500 quarterly

GOtv Lite      20+         Ksh.  199 monhtly

  • Zuku

To initially install Zuku costs Ksh.3699. It also offers free premium package for the first one month.

Packages           No of channels & radio stations       price

Premium        85tv channels and 58 radio stations – ksh. 1549

Classic:          76tv channels and 55 radio stations – ksh. 1099

Smart plus:     66 tv channels and 19 radio stations –ksh.600

Smart: It has   42tv channels and 19 radio stations – ksh. 499

Internet Packages

10Mbps: Ksh. 2799 monthly

20Mbps: Ksh. 4199 monthly

60Mbps: Ksh 5999 monthly

Latest packages

10Mbps Ksh.2899 monthly

20Mbps: Ksh.4399 monthly

60Mbps ksh. 6299 monthly

  • Bamba

An aerial decoder costs Ksh. 3299 and it is absolutely free to air. It contains over 50 channels both local and international.

  • Startimes

This decoder initial buying price is Ksh. 1499 plus a monthly classic bouquet. To get the full satellite kit costs ksh.2699 and it also comes with super bouquet. The packages include the following;

Weekly Charges

Nyota bouquet  100 Shillings a week or ksh. 25 a day

Basic bouquet  ksh.220 a week or ksh.60 a day

Classic bouquet ksh. 340 a week or Ksh. 85 a day

Packages          prices

Nova Package    ksh. 449

Smart package   ksh. 999

Super package     ksh.1499

Chinese Package  ksh. 1999

Antenna Digital packages

Packages                monthly price            Number of Channels      

Startimes Nyota         ksh.299                         35+ 

Startimes Basic          Ksh.599                        56+

Startimes Classic        ksh. 899                       75+

  • ADN

This is an absolutely free to air decoder that costs ksh.3299.

  • Showmax

Showmax services have affordable prices for their subscription which are online . The packages are as follows;

showmax pro ksh. 2100

Showmax Pro Mobile ksh.1050

Showmax Standard ksh. 760

Showmax Mobile Ksh.299.

  • Netflix

It is similar to showmax, it contains all shows, movies, series across the globe. To access it one must have a TV, laptop or a mobile phone with internet.

The packages Include;

Packages             Prices

Premium          ksh. 1450

Standard          ksh. 700

Basic               ksh. 300

Mobile             ksh.200

  • The Big Box

This is another free to air introduced to the market by Safaricom. It consists of over 30 channels and it costs Ks.4999 to purchase. It also works on Android , one can record on memory/USB.

  1. Sonar

This is one of the free to air decoder. There are no charges once installed, its price is Ksh.1999.