Volleyball rules


Volleyball is a highly dynamic and entertaining sport for a number of reasons. You can now watch volleyball live match – 1xBet offers a wide selection of matches to wager and follow from all over the world.

The rules are quite simple, meaning that this is a sport that can easily be played by almost everybody. Let’s list the most important and common regulations of the game.

  • volleyball matches are played by two teams of six players each;
  • games are played in a best of five manner, and to win each set, it is necessary to score 25 points, having at least a difference of two;
  • the same player can’t hit the ball twice;
  • also, a team may not touch a ball more than three consecutive times.

You can watch live volleyball matches on 1xBet and see all these rules into action. Also, it should be noted that to score a point, it is necessary that the ball bounces within the bounds of the opposite side of the field. Points can also be earned if a ball hit by the opposing squad bounces on their own side of the field or goes out of bounds.

The dynamics of a match

Each point starts with a serve. The player making this move can decide to do it overhand or underhand. ​​Don’t forget to make volleyball betting – win with 1xbet.in/line/volleyball by wagering in pre-match or live mode.

The players of the team must rotate when serving. This means that the same player can’t serve for two consecutive points. After the ball is served, the opposing team will try to block it. After this first block, the team can hit the ball no more than three times before attempting to throw it back to the opposite side. This dynamic will continue until a point is scored by either side. As volleyball teams can win, you can also win with 1xBet by making volleyball betting on a wide range of matches.

It should be said that players can also hit the ball only with the top part of the body including the waist. In other words, it is not allowed to hit it with feet, for example.

Situations that can cost a team a point

Of course, players can also make some plays that will award a point to the opposite team. Football also has dynamics of its own, and www.1xbet.in/live/fifa is the best place to make live wagers on it. For example, if a serve touches the net, the other team will automatically receive a point.

Also, there are illegal ways to hit the ball. For example, it is not allowed to carry it, hit it with the palm, or to grab it and throw it. Also, a point will be awarded to the opposing side if the ball passes under the net.

In general, volleyball rules are quite straightforward. Not only this means that everybody can play this entertaining sport. This also means that visiting 1xBet in order to make wagers on its exciting events can be a really rewarding thing to do.