Why Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks did’t attend Akothee’s wedding


Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks didn’t attend the musician’s wedding. Many Kenyans expected her to attend the highly publicized wedding but Cebbie didn’t show up.The two have been at logger heads since 2019 when Akothee accused her of being jealous. Before then,Cebbie had posted on social media that Akothee was broke and that she depends on men and sponsors for survival.

The two almost fought in Nairobi in 2020 when they met in a club.However,things started getting rosy in 2021.Akothee even attended Cebbie’s engagement ceremony with Steve Ogolla.But in 2022 when Akothee started dating her new husband Omosh,Cebbie was not happy. She was convinced Akothee was competing with her.By that time,Nelly Oaks was dating Akothee,but they broke up after few months.Nelly Oaks was Akothee’s manager who was later sacked after the break up.

Akothee’s wedding was attended by nearly every celebrity in Kenya except her sister Cebbie who minded her own business. That day,Cebbie organized to fly out of the country to make herself busy,she came back when the wedding was over.

According to Cebbie,Akothee lives a fake life,she is only surviving because of men.Her marriage to Omosh was to force Omosh to pay for her huge bills including paying school fees.Akothee was dumped by all her Mzungu lovers who used to pay for the kids fees,she had to look for a replacement.Since Kenyan men can’t pay,she had to look for a mzungu.