Dennis Ombachi Biography


Dennis Ombachi is a popular Kenyan chef.He is popular for the slogan “done” after cooking a delicious meal.Below is the biography of one of the most famous Tiktokers in Kenya:

Name:                  Dennis Ombachi

Date of Birth:     14Th December 1990

Height:                 6 fit 1 (1.85m)

Profession:         Rugby Player

Status:                  Self-taughtChef

Age:                       32yrs

Wife:                    Svetlana Polikarpova 

Children:             2 (Remy & Sasha)

University:         Strathmore University

High School:      Kiambu High School

Early and Personal Life

Dennis Ombachi was born on 14th December 1990 in Kenya. His parents’ names are not on public domain, however he is known for some of the things he is famous for.  Ombachi’s early childhood was spent on tea plantation where his father worked as a manager. His house did not have running water or electricity and his mother used to send him to fetch water at the river which was far away.

Ombachi also claimed that because his father managed a tea plantation, a considerable portion of his early years were spent on the tea plantation bushes. “Since my father oversaw a tea plantation, I spent most of my childhood playing in and among those bushes. Elephants are grazing on the front door when you awake. 

Ombachi notes that his childhood was humble and this made him resilient. While he grew to be a teenager he joined a boarding school where he experienced bullying making him run away from school, this made him to change the school and joined Kiambu High School. It was while in Kiambu High School that the principal advised him to join rugby team knowing he comes from. He loved the sport from then and he knew he was built for it.


Dennis Ombachi is a self-taught chef popularly known for his cooking Tiktok videos, and also for his prowess in playing Kenya rugby 7s. He was part of the team that competed for Kenyan rugby sevens at the 2016 summer Olympics. Ombachi is also a member of the 2013 rugby world Cup Sevens that competed in Russia.

Ombachi is most known for his spectacular run to score a last-second try that helped Kenya 7s defeat Zimbabwe 21-17 and earn a spot in the Rio Olympics. In an interview with the World Rugby press, Dennis Ombachi outlined his transition from a child to his present position as a father of two.

Ombachi broke through two Zimbabwean tackles from within his own 22 before sprinting down the field to score the touchdown that qualified Kenya for the first-ever Olympic Rugby Sevens competition.

As a member of the Kenyan team that traveled to Rio de Janeiro and interacted with the top athletes in the world, Ombachi would go on to play regularly for the team in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.

The Kenyan star, however, broke his leg severely while he was at the peak of his abilities, sidelining him for the better part of a year. However, Ombachi’s mental state would suffer more than his leg injury. Ombachi struggled to adjust after being compelled to move home and left with nothing to do but wait for his leg to recover, and he eventually made an attempt on his life.

“Eventually, bones and muscles do heal. But what I really didn’t account for was the mental toll that it was going to have on me, which persisted even now, even though I still experience some symptoms from it, says Ombachi.

He was hospitalized and eventually identified as having bipolar disorder, a mental disease marked by manic highs, depressive lows, and potentially psychotic episodes, thanks to the intervention of friends and family. However, Ombachi also recalls that his interest of cooking was another thing that got him through that difficult time in his life.

The winger had always had a passion for cooking and eating, a hobby that profited from his travels throughout the globe as a result of his job. He started sharing his cooking videos on his social media pages and now his social media pages have grown to a million followers because of his consistency.

Personal Life

Dennis is married to his wife Svetlana Polikarpova who is a Zumba instructor and health enthusiast. They together have two children, Remy and Sasha.


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