Victor Githu apologizes for sending his mother to fetch water for him


Kenyan preacher Victor Githu has apologized for sending his mother water to drink. The preacher, who is living in the US,was seen in a video sending his mother to bring him water while he was preaching and praying. Kenyans were furious,”how can he send his mother water?”

Today he apologized to Kenyans and his fans in general. Below is the apology:

“To be completely honest… we all need to understand the concept of the whole video when I sent my mom to go get me water. I was not feeling well, my throat was a bit scratchy and I couldn’t move because my hand is hurting,”

“But I still have to do whatever I felt like doing – preaching. In fact, I used the word ‘please’ in Swahili, thank you.”

“I am very sorry and where there is a problem, we will fix it and make it better. I have definitely learned something new and thank you all for your patience,” Thank you for your criticism, your judgement and your hate.”

Victor Githu is the youngest reverend in Kenya.He has been raised by his mother who relocated with him to the US.