Best Salary in Kenya to live a comfortable life 2023


This year 2023 life has become so difficult in Kenya. Since Ruto became the president, prices of nearly all produces have been increased. The price of 1 kg of sugar is Ksh 250 and above. The president has increased taxes on everything. This has resulted to Kenyans asking how much they should earn to live a comfortable life in Kenya.

If you have a car, you will need a monthly salary of Ksh 300,000 to live a comfortable life in Kenya. With this salary, you will rent a house of Ksh 70,000, fuel your car, pay school fees and other bills. You will remain with at least Ksh 50,000 to save. A house of Ksh 70,000 is in South C,South B,Hurlingham,Kilimani,Kileleshwa or Thika Road.

A salary of Ksh 300,000 when taxed comes to a net of Ksh 205,000.

If you are not driving your own car, you need a salary of Ksh 200,000 to live a comfortable life in Kenya. You will live in a house paying rent of Ksh 40,000 per month. You need Ksh 10,000 monthly for transport. After all expenses, you will save more than Ksh 40,000 monthly.

Nowadays, Ksh 100,000 is not enough especially in Nairobi per month.But Ksh 200,000 will make you comfortable.

If you are going to look for employment, make sure your monthly salary is above Ksh 200,000 for you to be assured of living a comfortable life in Nairobi.