Shocking things you didn’t know about Kwa Mathe


Kwa Mathe is a store for cannabis in Nairobi. It’s located in Ngara Nairobi and it’s the biggest store for bhang and other hard drugs. The story has been operating for more than 15 years and it’s owned by Teresiah Wanjiru who is aged 54 years.

Teresiah started the business in her 30s,she grew to become the biggest supplier of Cannabis in Nairobi.She had several retailers within and outside Nairobi .Police and top government officials knew about her business but they could do nothing because she bribed them.

For the 20 years she has been in the business, she made over Ksh1 billion, making her one of the richest women in Nairobi. She owns several apartments in Nairobi and Mount Kenya,she also owns fleet of cars and matatus.

This week, she was arrested and her business grounded by the police.In her warehouse there were several sacks of cannabis ready to be sold,she was also found with Ksh 13.4 million in cash.

Kwa Mathe store was even in Google Maps,directing clients to her store in Ngara.It’s located near Carina Auto.