5 Expert’s Tips to enhance your betting experience 


Betting with the right strategy is an important tip to make the right bets. Regardless of your level of expertise, an effective strategy will help you consistently increase your chances of winning. While there are no fool-proof predictions to help you win bets, adopting good strategies can help maximise your winnings and minimise your losses, especially when using the promo code betano when placing your next bet.

In this guide, we will discuss five effective strategies you can adopt for both beginners and expert bettors. Keep reading to discover how to change your betting game with the right strategy and tips to utilise.

Five effective betting tips to implement

To improve your betting results, you need the right betting tips and strategy. Betting without an effective strategy will reduce your chances of winning and ultimately impair your betting experience. It would be great to learn and apply. Here are five are a few:

1. Utilise value wagers

This betting strategy allows you to take advantage of high-value bets to make a win. Placing bets with this strategy requires placing wagers on bets with higher odds than initially indicated. First, you need to focus on finding wagers with odds that are higher than those supplied by bookmakers. This betting strategy allows you to investigate and analyse games extensively to find anomalies between the odds and perceived chance. You need to understand the risk-to-reward ratio when using the value betting strategy. Analysing the risk-to-reward ratio will help you identify bets with a low risk and a high payout potential.

How to find value bets

To find the value bets, you need to figure out the implied probability of the sportsbook’s odds and compare. The value of the wager increases directly to the gap between your prediction and the indicated predictions provided by the bookmaker.

2. Risk-to-reward Gauging

This strategy allows you to stick to a budget when placing bets on any betting platform you have chosen. You will need to set a fixed budget that will then be divided into units as you wager on bets. The advantage of the risk-to-reward strategy is that it reduces losses and helps you maintain self-control. It also helps you preserve your long-term wagering monies.

Practical approach (Live sample)

Once you have set your budget, you can plan your stake size. It is rational not to bet with more than 75% of your budget at once. For instance, if you have a sum of Ksh 25,000 to bet on five games weekly. Your total game units will determine the amount you will stake weekly. It is important to split your wagers/bets (Ksh 5000 into four portions).

The essence of betting with a strategy is to help you reduce losses while helping you bet right. However, taking the wrong steps will only lead to losses! Adopting the risk-to-reward approach gives you a good chance of maximising your bets.

3. Create your own Betting Line

Creating your betting line is a terrific technique you may utilise as you get more familiar with online betting. You make a swift decision by creating a line using all the information at your disposal. To create your betting line, you must compare the odds provided and the sportsbook. This would enable you to know the best odds and opportunities.

After collating a list of bookmarkers, you can evaluate the market using percentages. A 50/50 chance would, therefore, have an inferred probability of 50 percent and odds of 100 percent. It simply means that while working with odds alone, we can only establish a round 100% market, not offset. Therefore, a Ksh 15,000 wager could yield almost 7.5 million in returns. You can create your betting line on Betano, by using the promo code betano.

How to create your betting line:

  1. 1. Select a category of games for your wager
  2. 2. Compare odds and sportsbook
  3. 3. Outline the best three
  4. 4. Split your wager
  5. 5. Stake

4. Utilise the accumulator technique

This popular bet technique allows you to profit from multiple events. When analysing betting lines with an accumulator betting strategy, you must collate different categories, markets, and events. For the Rugby World Cup, Ryders Cup, Golf Solheim, etc. These are the events bettors can participate in and gain a significant reward for passion. Based on this, bettors must be on the search for events that suit his/her proficiency. If an event has more betting opportunities than the other, they will make the opposing line more popular to draw in additional wagers. However, this does not guarantee instant success. Consistency and dedication are essential for any bettor’s success. Also, you can always use the Betano Promo Code to activate free bets when placing bets.

5. Apply bet-dutches

Dutching is a betting technique that involves outcome matching. It allows you to place multiple wagers on the same game or event to ensure an equal profit or loss on all outcomes. You can also use this technique as a regular sports betting strategy. However, it works best when you use it to claim or trigger free bets or bonuses. It would be best to have various betting sites or wait for major line movement to be very effective. While it is similar to hedging, dutching requires careful monitoring of games and outcomes. To effectively apply this technique a calculator is required. A Dutching calculator is necessary to help you place the appropriate bet on each market when you start betting. You can use this strategy to bet on different games, including tennis, football, golf etc.

Final words

The online betting industry is enhancing at a breakneck speed, which is cool. Bettors now have lots of categories and betting opportunities more than ever. However, these new changes come with their complexities and challenges. More tiring is the excessive influx of wrong information and misconceptions circulating online. Bettors must pay attention to the right tips, guides, and strategies. The tips above give you a classic insight into what to do as a bettor.