Singer Avril Nyambura in tears after her baby daddy J Blessing beat her like a Stray Dog


Singer Avril Nyambura has posted shocking photos on her Instagram account revealing that she has received a beating from her baby daddy J Blessing. The singer posted two photos, one in a bandage an another one from the bathroom without bandage. The caption read:” J Blessing Nikome Mbwa hii”

She posted the photos and deleted them few minutes later.

Nyambura is one of the mothers of J Blessing’s children. Their relationship has been on and off because the producer has several baby mamas—he has to give attention to all women in his life.

Avril Nyambura is aged 38 and she is a mother of 1.Her music career has been dying as she age. Ever since she released a song that only attracted 800 views on YouTube, she has not released another song.