Town in Alaska where nearly entire population live in one building


The town of Whittier, Alaska, is known for having nearly the entire population living in a single apartment building.

The building is called Begich Towers, a 14-story apartment complex that houses about 90% of the town’s residents (total: 272). This has earned Whittier the nickname of a “town under one roof”.

The building, originally constructed as an army barracks, now serves as a cozy condominium featuring a post office, general store, police station, laundromat, health clinic, mayor’s office, and a heated indoor pool.

Whittier, Alaska is accessible only by air or through a single-lane tunnel that stretches over two miles through neighboring Maynard Mountain. The town’s weather conditions can be harsh during winter, making the Begich Towers a convenient and practical living solution for the residents.

In addition to the Begich Towers, there is a second condo building in the town where the remaining residents live. The town’s school and gym are located in a separate structure but are connected to the Begich Towers by a tunnel, allowing for easy access during the winter months.