Blogs which Accept Betting and Casino Advertisements and sponsored content in Kenya


To get the best result for your betting site,only advertise on sites with content related to betting or Casino. In Kenya, there are many blogs with such content. According to sources, they charge $50 to $300 per article depending on the agreement with the advertiser. As the advertiser, when a figure is quoted, you are allowed to negotiate.

One mistake most advertisers make is that they advertise on media houses which normally don’t know anything to do with betting and casino. Those sites have high number of readers but majority of their readers don’t bet.

Venas News is one of the sites which offer you the opportunity to post sponsored content on the site,we accept banners ,sponsored posts and link insertion. To advertise here send an email to [email protected] .We will respond and indicate our terms. We shall negotiate with you to a figure that is comfortable for both of us.

The Sponsored posts will be permanent on our site, they won’t be marked “sponsored”. They will also be posted on the front page. We accept do follow links—up to 4 links per post.

Since more than 80% of our readers are gamblers,we believe that you will get value for your money.