Did Jowie Irungu Kill Monica Kimani? See Shocking details from a friend


Jowie Irungu has been sentenced to death over the murder of Monica Kimani.The sentence shocked his entire family, sending his other into depression. Jowie did not show any resistance to the ruling, though he shed tears. However, a friend has claimed that he might be innocent. He believes that Jowie concealed the evidence and was used as the sacrificial lamb.

Many Kenyans are sharing the same sentiments as Jowie’s friends.They claim that Jowie has taken the bullet on behalf of a powerful family.Gordon Opiyo is also of the opinion that Jowie is innocent.Below is Opiyo’s sentiments:

“Something is not adding up in this Jowie thing…

Had I not retired from investigative journalism, these are the angles I would have followed….

1) The South Sudan Connection…. At that time, several South Sudanese Generals were using young Kenyans to illegally bring in US Dollars through Wilson Airport….. This most likely was the motive of any attack

2) Jowie and Maribe political connections…. The relationship was heavily linked to the political class, and there must have been a link to the South Sudan Connection and the political backers. The there are things that you can never ever do in this country without political backing. The Sudanese Generals had to pay protection fee to be allowed to wash their dollars….

My hypothesis is that there was someone who failed to pay his cut, and Jowie was sent to threaten him or her……. And in the process there was an accidental murder….

Jowie has most likely been told to play cool and will be secretly removed from Kamiti when Kenyans forget about the case and live a flashy lifestyle with the loot…

In my life as an investigative journalist, I saw several interesting twists…… And whenever I saw big political names around a case, I always smelt a big fat rat”

Below is what Jowie’s friends had to say: