Woman rejects marriage proposal from a Man Who sponsored her College Education


A Kenyan man is in tears after being rejected by a woman he sponsored to college. Kevin took a loan of Ksh 1.8 million to fund his girlfriend’s education at Muranga University. Being a gentleman, he was giving her Ksh 50,000 pocket money every semester. He also made sure she was comfortable in college by renting a bedsitter of Ksh 6,500 for her near the university.

Kevin was hoping that he will marry her immediately after graduation. During graduation, he organized a party for her and friends. They enjoyed.

Sylvia got a job with a local bank where she earns Ksh 85,000 monthly. She earns more than Kevin who is 45-years-old.

Last week Saturday, the man went to propose for the girlfriend in a restaurant along Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi. This happened after they had taken lunch together. The girl rejected the proposal and ran away. She left the Kevin crying and sobbing, he threw himself on the ground. The man was helped by waiters to stand up after he nearly fainted.

On being questioned why she rejected, Sylvia said the man is not her type, she has a better looking boyfriend who is a vibe. She described Kevin as boring and possessive. She even offered to return all the money Kevin used on her.

Kevin has told his close friends and family members that he won’t marry. He is contemplating becoming a Catholic Priest. He is always in the streets warning men against women.