Baba Talisha Accused by Brian Chira’s Grandmother of squandering Ksh 8 million for building a house


Baba Talisha is in hot soup after he allegedly squandered Ksh 8 million meant Brian Chira’s grandmother. The grandmother has accused Baba Talisha of pocketing all the money despite promising to build for her a house.

Baba Talisha had fundraised on TikTok more than Ksh 8 million.He spent below Ksh 1 million for funeral and remained with over Ksh 7 million.After the funeral,he was always seen alongside Chira’s Shosh.The two have been getting along well until today.

“Huyo Baba Talisha amekula pesa yangu.Ile nyumba alisema atanijengea bado hajajenga na nikimpigia simu hashiki”,Brian Chira’s grandmother.

Despite the accusation, Baba Talisha defends himself,he argues that he never squandered even 1 shilling. He has shown receipts of how he spent the money.But Kenyans are yet to be convinced because they have not seen the house Baba Talisha has built.

This drama comes a day after Baba Talisha’s TikTok account with 1 million followers was banned. He accused people of reporting his account to TikTok,leading to the punishment.

There are many Kenyans who have confessed that Brian Chira’s grandmother is a fraud. She is known to pocket money and deny. There was also a time when she refused to pay an agent who connected her to a house she is renting.Kenyans have also defended Baba Talisha,they argue that it was through his efforts that the Ksh 8 million was contributed.In any case,they are the ones to complain,not Bria Chira’s family who were seated pretty waiting to be given money.