I married this big woman but she has turned against me after sleeping with another man. What Should I do?


This man needs your advise.His wife has turned against him…

I married this lady, without any form of Education and exposure but she has turned against me today. I work in the mines as an operator in Thabazimbi mine. I met this lady in Rustenburg in a night club when she was young and the story she told me about her life was so touching. I said to myself, I need to marry her to transform her life of course & i did so.

I took her to a Nursing School in Johannesburg. Nursing School to be specific and did everything to ensure that she completed her Nursing School with my own money. After graduating she just clocked one year and got deployed in the system. After being getting a job her moves changed and the language, Little did i know that she is dating one of the Bank managers from Pretoria, One day i was at work & my friend from Pretoria called me that i have seen your wife entering one of the lodges here with a tall man, i drove all the way from Thabazimbi to Pretoria with tears dropping on my cheeks true to my friend’s phone call, i caught my wife red-handed with the bank manager from Sosha in the act with the help of the receptionist

She told me openly in the presence of the guy ( Bank manager) that I was not her type and that these things have got levels. i felt like something has hit me at my back. i became numb and i scrambled for words to answer her back but tears did my talking, i reminded her that look back where i picked you from She answered me with a Thunderous military slap paaaaa, What i thought my wife had gone for a salary pay day in town turned out to be a nightmare for me

I left them unceremoniously and drove back to Thabazimbi and that was the end but what pains me is what i did for herpicked her from a night club that night to am not her type

Am broken What should I do ?