Has King Kaka Separated with Nana Owiti?Here is the latest news


Kenyan musician King Kaka has allegedly separated with Nana Owiti.The musician has been living alone for 8 months now after Nana moved out to rent her own apartment.

The two have been living together as a couple for 12 years and blessed with 2 children. However, their marriage is ending.

Trouble began in 2022 when King Kaka got sick and was admitted, he spent all the money he had accumulated in his music career. After being discharged from hospital, his music career failed to pick up despite working hard to resurrect it. Nana supported him throughout until last year 2023 when he was unable to sustain his lifestyle anymore.

King Kaka was unable to pay bills and maintain their lifestyle, forcing Nana to chip in. Their house rent is Ksh 50k which was too much for Nana. They were also paying school fees for children in expensive schools.

Her patience ran out, she had to leave the marriage with their two children and start life afresh. The two have never been spotted together for 8 months, they also don’t share their photos publicly.